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Summer Writing Challenge Check-in: Week 4

word count work in progress
This is the actual word count for my work in progress.

I haven’t added many words to my novel this week, as I have spent much of this writing week engaged in weaving. It’s all because of this one very important character who suddenly popped up around page 150. I think he is important enough that he needs to show up sooner. So, I’ve been reading my way through my first 150 pages looking for opportunities to include him in the action.

On one hand, I think this could be a second draft activity, as it is keeping me from writing forward in my story. On the other hand, this character is important enough to the overall story that I think I need to spend some time getting to know him and seeing how he interacts with my protagonist. Thus, the time spent weaving him in.

Although I haven’t written a great deal of new material for my novel, I have accomplished a bit of memoir writing. I decided this would be a good secondary project to work on during those times when I’m feeling stuck on my novel. Even though I’m not making great progress on the project I want to complete first, at least I am still writing *something.*

Oh, and I revised an old short story this week and submitted it to a few places as well. Not to mention the fact that I have been blogging almost every single day! So, I HAVE been working!

With that said, here are my final word count totals for this week:

  • Novel: I added 1,046 words, for a grand total of 68,607.
  • Memoir: I added 4,481 words, for a grand total of 4,481.

How is your novel coming along? Please join the Write Your Novel this Summer challenge and join the conversation on our Facebook page.

~Mandy Webster

2 thoughts on “Summer Writing Challenge Check-in: Week 4”

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, Mandy – it led me to your blog, which I’m delighted to discover. I’m so very near the end of my first draft that I can taste the sweetness of that last page… like catching a whiff of blackberries baking in the summer heat as you drive by with the top down. I can almost reach it, if I stretch just a little more… 🙂

    Wishing you great writing mojo!

  2. I love this! We def have a lot in common. I have shared this blog on my facebook. Thanks for the mention. I feel you have to write when it hits you. It’s now hitting me lol.

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