Write Your Novel this Summer Challenge

Summer Writing Challenge Check-in: Week 3 (I wrote something. I actually wrote something!)

The writing life - a stack of notebooks
My current stack of notebooks includes a pretty fairy journal. Follow me on Instagram for more pretty pictures.

We are now three full weeks into the Write Your Novel this Summer writing challenge, and I can finally report that I have written something! This week, I finally managed to break through my writer’s block and am gaining some momentum. Here’s a quick look at what I have accomplished:

  • I added 875 words to my Word document’s total word count. “Yawn,” I know, that’s not much. BUT that was my total word count for the day I finally managed to start writing again. Since then, I have—
  • Done some research and written a ton of notes on some important elements of my story that will likely only be alluded to if they are mentioned in the novel at all. However, my knowing these details about my story world is essential to me writing a believable story.
  • Finally, this morning I got an idea while lying in bed next to my 7-year-old (who just returned last night from a 2-week trip to Michigan with his grandpa.) I got up, grabbed my notebook, and filled 9 full pages, writing two whole scenes. Maybe my kids were the missing link all along.
  • This afternoon, I am typing up this morning’s handwritten pages. I will come back later and give you a final update on my week 3 word count total once the typing is done.

How did this week go for you? Please share your own update in the comments below or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

~Mandy Webster

UPDATE: My total word count for this week came to 2433 words. Not quite what I was hoping to achieve per week this summer, but it’s a start!


8 thoughts on “Summer Writing Challenge Check-in: Week 3 (I wrote something. I actually wrote something!)”

  1. Thanks for the related link – I always find that reading other articles from bloggers about NaNoWriMo helps me through camp!
    Cheer each other on. Love your fairy journals and best of luck with your total word count. Keep going – every 800+ counts towards a bigger picture!

  2. It’s great to hear the words are flowing again. 9 pages is quite a lot in one sitting! And typing them up right away – that’s definitely where I need to get to work. Too much of a backlog right now. And that is my task for the weekend; typing up as much of my handwritten text as I can. Good luck until next check-in…


  3. Thanks for sharing link to my 12 Tools to Get Writing Now. I’m glad if it was a helpful post. Good for you in getting your writing going – good luck with it!

  4. I should really learn to love the ol’ pen and paper again. Regardless of what implement I use, The Keysmashing Tots (guess how they got that name?) will want to partake.

    This week, I’ve chugged along but now I’ve taken a moment to reflect, flog myself, and do an assessment of my WIP. I wrote a cleansing blog post about it and my plan of action, but now my weekend of solitude is quiet no more. I’ve got a lot of work to do!

    Happy writing!


    P.S, I had this window open for a while now and forgot to click Post Comment. Durrrr.

    1. I can’t write anything worthwhile on anything but good, old fashioned paper. Typing brings out the editor in me, and the editor needs to stay away in the first draft stage. So yeah, I write everything long hand and then type it up!

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