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I love stationary

butterfly stationary
This is the stationary I purchased on my latest trip to B & N.

While at Barnes and Noble the other day, I spent a large quantity of time in the stationary section. I love stationary. While it doesn’t make me happy (that would be silly,) it does give me an intense feeling of pleasure to consider covering a piece of pretty paper with a good, old fashioned, handwritten letter.

I can spend as much time choosing stationary as I spend choosing a book to read. I have to get it right because I don’t write so many letters these days. Before the internet, both of my grandmothers used to send me cards and letters on a regular basis. When I was in the military, getting mail was one of the highlights of my life. One of my grandmas has since passed away, and the other still sends cards. But it’s been a long time since I have gotten anything but bills and junk in my snail mailbox.

A letter is so much better than an e-mail. A letter can be written on a beautiful sheet, carefully chosen, or on a plain sheet of college ruled paper. Even the color of the ink influences the overall vibe of a letter. There’s nothing like opening a fancy envelope to pages of scrawled handwriting and realizing that someone held this piece of paper under their very own hands, caressing these bits of pulped wood as they inscribed their thoughts to you.

butterfly stationary
Butterflies always remind me of my late writing grandma. I wish I could write her a letter on this stationary.

Imagine the energy enveloped in a love letter, written on beautiful stationary. I have never received a real love letter, but I imagine it would mean so much more to me than a text message or an e-mail. I supposed that’s another one of those romantic writer’s dreams that will never be fulfilled.

butterfly stationary
I love butterflies. And stationary. And butterfly stationary.

When I find myself in the stationary section, I know I must make my choice carefully. I know I will not be making regular use of my pretty papers. I will only occasionally use them, so I want to choose something I will be happy with for a long time. Worst of all, I know no matter how many letters I send, I will never receive any in return.

Do you miss getting real letters in the mail? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

~Mandy Webster

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3 thoughts on “I love stationary”

  1. While searching through a closet recently, I found a box that contained some letters written to me by my mother and aunts at various stages of my life, as I looked at their handwriting and read their words, memories came flooding back at each instance they wrote about.

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