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A synopsis of my work in progress


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I just completed the synopsis of my work in progress and thought I would share it with my readers here at Write on the World. For all of you who have been following me and wondering what, exactly, I am writing about, here it is:

Into the World of Men is a dystopian science fiction novel that explores the themes of freedom and a woman’s place in the world. It is the story of M., a young woman whose family has kept her and her half-sisters hidden away in a secluded barn to keep them safe from a world where women are nothing more than property to the men in power. M. longs to escape the monotony and oppression of life in her secret barn. When King Mentor Drak discovers M.’s existence, he insists that she attend the naming ceremony of her new baby brother, thus forcing her out of exile against the wishes of her family.

The birth of a son to M.’s family sets off a chain of events that will change the lives of M. and her sisters forever. After escaping life in the barn, M. sets out on a quest to learn about the “real world” and become her own person. She wants to find freedom but makes several bad choices that put her in an even worse situation than the one she started in. M. must learn what it means to suffer real oppression before she can find her way to freedom and make her own way in this world of men.

A couple of notes:

  • I hate my title. I hate writing titles. If you have any ideas for me, please comment below.
  • I’m not sharing my protagonist’s name at this time because it is a brand new, unique name that I made up myself. I do not want someone else to snatch it away from me before I can get it in print!
  • I am submitting this synopsis with my creative master’s thesis. So, if you are good at writing these and have any feedback, I’d love to hear it. Again, please share your remarks in the comments below.


~Mandy Webster

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4 thoughts on “A synopsis of my work in progress”

  1. It’s funny that you said that about your title, because when reading this, the first reaction I had was, ‘Oh, I love that new title!’
    I am horrible at coming up with titles and have tried this new thing where I just use a working title, then wait until I finish something and pick a line a like from the last page or so and use that as the title. I think I stole this idea because I love reading a book and then the title of that book ends up being the last line on the last page or close to it. Sometimes it is cheesy, but I like it.

    1. This title I’m using now comes from a line of dialogue I’ve written since last time you read it. I really liked it at first, but the more I see it, the more I hate it. I keep thinking maybe I’ll write a better line eventually that can double as the title!

  2. There’s a cardinal rule for all science fiction authors to follow: Limit your story to one novum. This better allows you to maximize reader interest in it while helping maintain a sense of believability about the new world you’ve created. The more you ask writers to suspend their disbelief by accepting new concepts/ideas that stretch their imagination, their greater the risk you run that you’ll lose them.

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