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Blogs you should follow, if you’re so inclined

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This is me, reading your blog. Only replace the book with a smartphone. (Ha Ha, just kidding. The pickin’s are slim on Zemanta these days. Seriously, what is going on this picture?) | Reader of novels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopefully none of you are depending on me for regular blog content this semester. But just in case you are, let me share a few of my favorite blogs with you… something to keep you busy until after I graduate in May. Hopefully after that, I’ll have more time for blogging. I don’t want either of my subscribers to get bored. I’m talking to you, Ryan. You and that other guy. I don’t know his name.

These days, when I’m sitting at a computer, it’s usually to work. (Or check my crops on Farmville 2. SHH! Don’t judge.) The only way I can keep up with my blog reading is via my Google Reader app on my phone. Which, sadly, will soon be obsolete. Google is pulling it due to low usage. Whatever. How else am I going to read your blog posts during those rare moments of privacy I get in the bathroom?

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading on my blog reader. If you like my blog, you might want to follow some of these as well:

  • Writer’s Digest: If you’re a writer, you should totally follow them. They have a lot of interesting content that helps me generate ideas. Their Guide to Literary Agents blog is a great way to begin to familiarize yourself with agents before you start to query them. I’ve been making a running list of agents I’m interested in.
  • Journey to Wilderness: I love this girl (woman? She looks so young!) She is living the life that I like to think I would be living right now if I didn’t have kids to school. She quit her job and is just traveling around the world by the seat of her pants, blogging about what she’s learning along the way. And she’s learning a lot. This girl is deep. Go read her blog. You’ll love her too.
  • Charlotte Rains Dixon: She’s a published author, and she shares a lot of great advice on her blog. I can’t tell you how many writer’s blogs I have added to my reader only to delete them later when they got too preachy or sales-pitchy. This one is a keeper.
  • The Write Practice: For when you’re feeling stuck and need a good prompt or 40.
  • Clutterheart: Quirky, endearing, heartfelt, real… poetic language, fabulous imagery, bittersweet memories. You’ll love her. I promise.
  • Three Cups: Okay, I’ll admit it. One of my favorite writing teachers writes for this blog. But it’s a good one.
  • Slimegreen: Because even writers need to laugh sometimes. And sometimes we need a good laugh more than anyone.
  • The Bloggess: Speaking of laughs, I’m sure you’ve probably already heard of her. Unless you’ve been living under a rock. But if you haven’t checked her out, you should. She really is as funny as “they” say she is.

And that’s about it for today. I’m only 30 blog posts behind on my reading, so I’d better go catch up. The kids will be returning from spring break with the grandparents any day now. I have to go enjoy the peace and quite while it lasts. Happy reading!

~Mandy Webster

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