House and Home, Random Writing Rants

My house won’t let me write

A picture of my messy, distracting closet
Who can get any writing done in a house with closets that look like this? And why do I still have a high chair and Pack n Play when my baby is 6 years old?

Last night, I stayed up until midnight grading papers so I could have today free to go to the library and write.

As I showered this morning, I considered how crazy it is that I can’t get any writing done at home. My house is just one big distraction begging me to do anything but write. I’m not quite a true hoarder, but I must admit that I have let things get a bit out of hand.

I just bought a new dinette set and couch with part of my tax refund money. The old furniture left last weekend, and I was left with a huge empty space in my dining room and living room while waiting three days for the new stuff to arrive. After the first day, I was ready to cancel my order.

That huge, empty space in my house, completely uncluttered—well, let’s just say that empty space looked a little like freedom to me.

Of course, I didn’t cancel my order. That would be un-American. Where would we sit? Worse yet, where would we set our drinking glasses while we’re watching TV? While I am enjoying my new furniture, I do think it’s time to get rid of some stuff. And, I mean STUFF, in all caps.

I just have SO MUCH STUFF. Where did it all come from? I’m usually broke, so I rarely buy stuff. It seems to breed in my closets, behind the furniture (I should have taken a picture of my living room floor after we removed the old couch. Seriously, someone should move the furniture and vacuum under it once in a while!)

My biggest problem is the huge stacks of papers, books, and little trinkets I don’t remember buying. Oh, and toys. My kids got way too many toys for Christmas that they played with one time and then forgot. Then there’s the stuff in the closet that I’m keeping just because I might need it one day, even though I haven’t touched any of it since I moved in 3 ½ years ago. A sewing machine? Who am I kidding?

my new couch
Here’s my new couch. I had to show you something pretty after subjecting you to that closet. Check out the bench/coffee table. I really goes with the new kitchen table but doesn’t fit without the center leaf. Luckily it can double as a coffee table when we’re not using the table leaf.

Anyway, my point is that my home is currently set up to distract me. So, what do I do about it? It has reached the point where I feel like my writing life depends on me getting organized and eliminating distractions. How much more writing could I get done if my home were free of distractions? How much more productive could I be if I didn’t have to drag myself out to the library or a coffee shop to get anything done?

And now for the excuses: Who has time for that? How can I get rid of all of this STUFF that I am so attached to? Where will I get the boxes to haul it all off? Won’t someone please just come clear out my house for me?

What would you do?

~Mandy Webster

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