I do my best blogging at the coffee house

The view from my comfy chair at Cafe de Arts in Waukesha, WI proved very inspiring last weekend.
The view from my comfy chair at Cafe de Arts in Waukesha, WI proved to be inspiring last weekend.

I love blogging while sitting in a coffee shop. Whenever I meet my writer friend for a day of coffee and writing, I always end up putting my intended work aside to write at least one blog post. At our last session, I ended up writing three different blog posts before the afternoon was done.

Maybe I should just plan on going out to a coffee house once a week to write all of my blog posts. When I blog at home, my blog posts often come out concise, professional, and utterly boring. At the coffee shop, I get creative ideas and write posts I think people might actually want to read (I hope.)

There’s something about the coffee shop atmosphere, with its music, coffee smells, and mixed clientele that gets the blogging cog in my mind to crank. In one afternoon of hanging out in a coffee shop, I can churn out three blog posts, add them to my blog, and schedule them to run throughout the week. It would take me several days to accomplish the same at home.

I’m so lucky I have work that can be accomplished wherever is most conducive to doing said work. I couldn’t write like this in an office, not even in my home office. At least I have the option to get out of that workplace once in a while and go to a place where I can get creative. Most people don’t have that option.

Okay, I am using the term “work” loosely here, as I don’t get paid to blog. But blogging is part of my writing life, and I hope it will someday turn into a useful platform for selling my writing. Let’s call it pre-work. I’m setting the stage for the work to come. It’s an investment that may or may not pan out. But, it’s at least more productive than investing in lottery tickets.

Where do you do your best blogging?

~Mandy Webster

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