Do you wanna write a guest post for my blog?

Do you wanna write a guest blog post for my writing blog?
Do I look busy to you? Nah, it’s nothing. Really.

I’m teaching six courses this semester and writing a thesis. So yeah, I’m a little busy right now. I want to keep my blog going too, so I’m wondering: Would any of my writer friends and readers be interested in writing a guest blog post or two this semester?

I’m a starving artist (well, not literally, I just stuffed myself on Chinese food at dinner tonight,) so I can’t afford to pay you. But, if I publish your guest post on my blog, you’ll get a by-line and a link to your blog from mine. So, that’s something, right?

Anyway, if you’re interested, please contact me via the contact page on my website. Tell me who you are, a little about your writing, and what you’d like to blog about. Maybe you want to blog about your writing process or share a poem or an excerpt from your WIP? Or maybe you have some other awesome, original idea that will blow me away. You could also direct me to your blog so I can get an idea if your writing style will mesh with my blog… whatever you think it takes to make me decide to feature you on my blog.

Thanks for sticking with me, even when I’m blog-stopped. Ya’ll are the best!

~Mandy Webster

6 thoughts on “Do you wanna write a guest post for my blog?”

  1. I’m always happy to guest post: do you have topics in mind? Otherwise I’m writing a novel in daily instalments on my blog: I can either chat about that or you can post one of the instalments… Good luck with your teaching and writing!

    1. Thanks! I’m thinking a post on your writing process with a link to one of your novel installments on your blog… how does that sound? Let me know when you might be available. I appreciate the help!

      1. That sounds great. If you let me know the length you want/need and if you need any pictures I can get onto it. The writing process for the daily novel is proving to be quite interesting in terms of the internet research etc so it will be great to write about it (I intended to do that in the top half of each day’s blog but that’s become a bit of a parenting section instead! I guess nicely dividing the blog posts into Mummy and Writer…

    2. I’ll give you lots of wiggle room, so about 300 – 600 words? If you have a picture or two I could add, that would be great too! Shoot me a message on my contact page at, and I’ll get you my e-mail address so you can e-mail the material to me. Thanks again!

  2. You don’t know me, but I would quite happy to write a guest blog from the perspective of a younger writer. You can look through my blog ( to get an idea of my writing style. Please email me at l.claire827(at) if you are interested.

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