What does your nightstand say about you?

My writer friend over at SlimeGreen recently shared a post where she discussed how you can tell a lot about a person from what’s on their nightstand. She shared a pic of her end table, along with an analysis of what her end table says about her. I love this idea, so I’m stealing it. Anyway, here’s a picture of my nightstand. I’m opening myself up to my readers. Please tell me (in the comments below,) what do you think my nightstand says about me?

What does my nightstand say about me?

Let’s make a game of this. When you’re done analyzing me, why don’t you share a picture of your own nightstand or end table on your blog? Then come back here and post a link to your blog post in my comments. Let’s call it a writer’s observation so we can pretend like we’re being productive!

~Mandy Webster

1 thought on “What does your nightstand say about you?”

  1. Your nightstand says to me that: you like to read & write, you stay hydrated, you have a relationship with doctor(s), you are an on time woman and artsy. Hope you have a great weekend. 😉

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