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A writing session at The Flying Pig, Algoma, WI

The Flying Pig Algoma Wisconsin
The Flying Pig, in Algoma, Wisconsin, is a neat place to just have a quick cup of coffee and check out garden artwork or to spend the day indoors writing.

Today I’m writing to you from The Flying Pig in Algoma, WI. Located 2 miles south of Algoma at N6975 State Hwy 42, The Flying Pig is an art gallery and green space that includes a small coffee shop where you can also grab a glass of wine or a cookie while you write.

A friend from my novel writing class stumbled upon this place, just south of Door County, a while back and invited me to take a day-trip back here to get away from home for a day and get some writing done in a fresh location.

The first thing we did when we got here was walk through the outdoor green space and look at all of the marvelous garden artwork on display. The entire gallery is free and open to the public, so this would be a great place to stop even if you are just passing through with no money.

Once we’d stretched our legs outside (it’s a bit of a drive from the Milwaukee area) and snapped pictures of practically every piece of garden art, we made our way indoors. We took a quick tour of the upstairs art gallery and then bought a couple of cups of coffee and settled in downstairs to work. I ordered a plain mocha latte with a shot of Baily’s Irish cream to start, and later had the tastiest white chocolate chip cherry cookie I never imagined existed.

The Flying Pig must have a reputation as a must-see spot among writers in the region. Not long after we arrived, we overheard the arrival of a group of ladies who informed one of the owners they were the Red Scarf Writers. The café/gift shop is also frequented by an old dog, a Lhasa Apso, or maybe a Shih Tzu or a mix of the two, named Bella, who occasionally stops by our table to check on us as she makes her rounds about the shop.

The Flying Pig outdoor green space
I’m going to have to visit again next summer when The Flying Pig’s outdoor green space is a little more green. Luckily we had unseasonably warm November weather for our trip.

While we sit here working, I’m watching a woman in work pants, boots, gloves, and the obligatory Packer-green sweatshirt  tooling around outside with a pile of rocks that I’m quite certain she’s in the process of turning into a major work of art. I wonder if we’ll get to see the end result before we leave, or if she’s in the early stages of a long process that I’ll have to wait to see next time I make it up this way.

The Flying Pig gift shop
I’m sitting here agonizing over what I want to buy from the gift shop before I go!

If you’re looking for a new place to write for a day while also checking out an interesting locale, you should stop by The Flying Pig. One of the owners informed us there is a quieter workshop area upstairs that seats eight people comfortably, but even the café space is a good place to write. The ambience at The Flying Pig is conducive to creativity, the staff is friendly, and you’ll probably make off with a piece of art in one form or another on your way out the door.

Where’s your favorite public space to write? I’m starting a list of places to check out, so give me some suggestions in the comments below, and maybe I’ll visit your area someday.

Mandy Webster

For more info, check out The Flying Pig on Facebook.

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