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What do you know about Kickstarter?

Kickstarter (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

I stumbled upon Kickstarter quite some time ago and played around with the idea of launching a Kickstarter project to fund my writing. Unfortunately, I really didn’t have an actual project to work on at the time. It was more of a general wanting to settle into the writing life and write *something.* Not having an actual project to launch, I gave up the idea and moved on. But recently, my professor and fellow writer, Shana Deets, brought up to my class the idea of setting up Kickstarter projects for our current novels. So, I headed over to the website to give it another look.

I’m at a point with my novel where I could totally set up a Kickstarter project and try to get some funding so I can spend more time working on the project. The only problem is, I need to create a video and some other visual elements for my Kickstarter project, and I’m just not sure where to start.

So I’m wondering if any of you have any experience with this, either as a Kickstarter user or as someone who has pledged money to a Kickstarter’s project. If so, what did you think about the experience? Did you find it useful? And if you’re someone who has pledged to a project, what was it about the project that caught your attention? And what did you think of the rewards you received for pledging?

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on this topic. Please post your comments below. And be sure to check back, as I will be posting updates as I work my way through the process of setting up my project.

Mandy Webster

2 thoughts on “What do you know about Kickstarter?”

  1. Hey Amanda, thanks for listing the link! I should have more up soon that I hope will be helpful. Have you set up your Kickstarter yet? I’ve backed a few projects and just launched my own here: If you have any questions about the process or what I’ve found you should do before launching, please feel free to contact me through the blog or at Also, I found that Nathaniel Hansen’s book, The Kickstarter Revolution, to be extremely helpful, so you might look there as well. Hope things are going well!

    1. Right now, I’m kinda stuck in the, “How the heck do I go about making a video and what should it be about?” phase. Should it be about my novel, or more about me?

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