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I Need Chaos to Write

Reminiscing Summer
Summer might have been sensational if I’d managed to write something. (Photo credit: Lin Pernille Photography)

It’s hard to believe summer is over already. So much for all of that writing I meant to do this summer. I only taught one course over the summer semester, and that was online so I never actually had to BE anywhere. I did a bit of freelance writing, but the work was hard to get this summer for some reason. I had a lot of time to write, yet somehow couldn’t ever seem to get anything done. Now that I’m back to school with a full-time teaching schedule, I suddenly have all sorts of material begging to be written. It seems I need chaos in my life in order to write.

I’ll be teaching seven courses this fall. Yes, seven. It’s not as bad as it seems. Four of those courses are simple keyboarding and data processing courses that are stacked into two class periods, and most of the grading I do for those courses will take place during class. I should even have time to work on other things during those class periods. Yet, between that and the other three courses I’m teaching, life will be busy.

On top of that, I’m also taking an advanced novel writing course at Mount Mary College this fall. I should be writing my thesis this fall, but I’m not happy with any of the writing I have to work with. So, I’m taking one last stab at getting something useful written so I’m not going into thesis and starting from scratch.

I’ve been looking for work all summer, with no luck. Over the last week, I received several job offers I had to turn down. Isn’t that the way it always works? I’d work four jobs if there were enough hours in the day. And somehow I’d probably stay up half the night writing if I did have that many jobs. Yet, give me a full summer with nothing to do, and I can’t manage to write a word. I think the muses have a cruel sense of humor sometimes, and I’m nothing more than a cat toy to be batted around by their playful hands. What do you think?

~Mandy Webster

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