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For the love of the discomforting novel

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I like to read a book that makes me feel uncomfortable. For example, I found the chapters of The Hunger Games that covered the actual games themselves to be absolutely excruciating. So, when I found out a couple of chapters into Catching Fire that Katniss was going to have to go to the Games again, I was mortified.

But they can’t make her go to the Games again, I thought.

I can’t go through this again, I thought.

They can’t do this to US.

Some small part of me wanted to put the book down and give it up. It wasn’t fair. I had already suffered the agonizing experience of the Games in the first book. I shouldn’t have to go through this again.

Then I remembered, I’m not actually going to the Games. The Hunger Games are not real. They are fiction, and I am only reading about them. Katniss isn’t real. Peeta isn’t real. Katniss’ family isn’t real.

It’s fiction, remember?

I finally steeled myself and plowed through Catching Fire. I suffered the discomfort and somehow enjoyed every minute of it. So much so that I now eagerly await my local library’s copies of Mockingjay to be returned so I can have my turn at checking one out.

Why do you think we love those stories that make us feel so uncomfortable? Please comment below.

~Mandy Webster

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