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Poetry Friday: Miss Kitty

A picture of my kitten, Zelda
This is Zelda. Don’t worry, I don’t let her roam about outside unsupervised. She just likes to hang out on the patio with me while I sit in my comfy chair and read.

It’s been some time since I’ve posted for Poetry Friday, but inspiration struck a moment ago, so I decided to pounce. Is it too soon to hope I’ve finally recovered from my bout with writer’s block?

Today’s poem is inspired by my kitten, Zelda, who is turning out to have quite the personality:

Miss Kitty

My cat thinks I’m her prey.

She stalks me through the house,
Crouching on the stairs
Or behind a curtain,
Just waiting for me to pass
So she can pounce.

~By Amanda L. Webster

This week’s Poetry Friday is sponsored by Violet Nesdoly.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Miss Kitty”

  1. What a sweet cat and sweet poem! Re: writer’s block… I’m feeling Olympic today so here’s hoping you’ve jumped the hurdle and you’re on the “write” track!

  2. A great step back into poetry, Amanda! What did I hear about how to overcome writer’s block? I think it was something like, ‘When you have writer’s block, lower your standards.’ Here’s hoping we see you around on many Poetry Fridays in the weeks ahead.

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