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Eat outside at Mullin’s Drive In, Fox Lake, WI

Mullin's Drive In restaurant, Fox Lake, Wisconsin
The car hops at Mullin’s Drive In restaurant in Fox Lake, Wisconsin take your order at your picnic table and bring your food to you. No standing in line like most summer burger stands!

On our way home from Amish country Saturday, my SignifO and I decided we wanted to have lunch at some kind of small, family-owned restaurant rather than the usual boring chain. So, when we came across Mullin’s Drive In, located in Fox Lake, WI, we had to stop and eat.

Mullin’s sign boasts their car hops come to your car to take your order, but that’s not all. The property includes a large yard full of picnic tables where patrons can take a seat in the shade while car hops take their orders table-side. A car hop/waitress greeted us as we exited our vehicle and directed us to take any table we liked, and she would be right with us.

Just like at an indoor sit-down restaurant, the waitresses at Mullin’s Drive In will bring your food right to your table.

My cheeseburger was just okay, but the cheese fries were yummy. We drank our cokes from real glass drinking vessels rather than the typical disposable Styrofoam cups you might expect to see at a similar eatery. And a heavy-duty fly swatter lay at our disposal in the middle of the table should we need it (we didn’t.)

Dinner outside at a picnic table with real glass drinking glasses at Mullin's Drive In.
This is the meal I enjoyed at an outdoor picnic table at Mullin’s Drive In, Fox Lake, WI.


My only disappointment with my Mullin’s Drive-In experience was the fact that I was too full to order ice cream after lunch. Mullin’s has the full selection you would expect to find at any outdoor eatery such as this, but I just couldn’t seem to make room for it. Maybe next time!

~Mandy Webster

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