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Proper Pinning: How not to irritate your followers on Pinterest

Pinterest featue in Metro - 27th February 2012
Pinterest featue in Metro – 27th February 2012 (Photo credit: Great British Chefs)

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I kinda love Pinterest. I have tried a ton of new DIY projects and even make my own homemade laundry detergent now on a regular basis. But Pinterest can be as annoying as it is helpful when pinners fail to pin properly. To combat this problem, I have compiled a short quick-list of tips for properly sharing articles on Pinterest to avoid irritating your followers:

1.  Link to the individual blog post, not the blog’s index page. 

The index page is the page you land on when you navigate to the website’s domain name. For example, my index page is located at However, an individual blog post URL might look something like this:

The first link will take you to a page that lists all of my blog posts, starting with the most recent. The second link will take the potential reader directly to the blog post containing the information you want to pin. It is essential to get this right because, although the blog post shows up at the top of the index page today, a few weeks from now, the person clicking through your image on Pinterest is going to have to dig through several pages on the blog to find the post they want. It’s so much easier for all of us if you pin a static, individual blog post rather than an ever-changing index page.

2.  Link to the blog post that actually contains all of the relevant information.

One day I found an image of this really cool lemon sugar hand scrub that I wanted to try. When I clicked through the image, I ended up on a blog that had merely reblogged the image from another blog… they had the image but no instructions for making the scrub. I ended up clicking through 3 different blogs before I found the one that actually contained the instructions.

Save your followers a couple of steps (and a lot of hassle) by pinning images directly from the original source. Not sure how to find the original source? Leigh Ann at My Home Life Magazine says, “Go to Google, click on “images,” and you can literally “drag” the image from your Pinterest page onto the Google search area, and it will track the original website for the image. It’s a pretty awesome trick. Certainly, you’ll occasionally run into faults because the pin was a spam page, but it’s surprisingly accurate. Personal success rate is probably around 95%.”

OK, so maybe 2 tips don’t technically qualify as a “list.” But these are some fairly meaty tips, so hopefully they’ll give you something to chew on for a while. Are there any bad Pinterest habits your friends have that drive you crazy? Please share in the comments below.

~Mandy Webster

2 thoughts on “Proper Pinning: How not to irritate your followers on Pinterest”

  1. I love Pinterest, but I have no idea what you mean by linking back to the original blog post, etc. What original blogpost? Mine? The person who pinnned the original picture? Pinterest totally confuses me. I need to study up on this cool new gadget.

  2. Some blogs reblog posts from other blogs, usually sharing just a snippet of the blog post and leaving out most of the important information. I think as long as you make sure the page you’re sharing has all of the relevant info required to complete the project, you should be golden!

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