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Can you write a Story A Day in the month of May?

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Each week, I ask my Written Communication students to spend about 15 minutes freewriting on a specific topic. At the beginning of the semester, I asked them to each submit several freewrite ideas for us to use throughout the semester. Once in a while, I will sit down and do the activity with them. When I do, I always end up with an interesting piece of writing I likely would not have otherwise written.

I find freewriting and the use of writing prompts to be extremely useful. So, I was just sitting here thinking that it might be fun to do a similar writing prompt on my blog once a week. And, since Wednesday and Writing both start with W, I thought, why not Wednesday Writing Prompts?

Before I got too far into this new project, I thought I should just do a quick search to make sure it hadn’t been done before… and of course it had. This didn’t really surprise me given the plethora of writing roundups available in the blogosphere. But get this: Within 30 seconds of beginning my search, I just happened to stumble upon an interesting blog post on How to Use Pinterest to Write a Short Story by StoryADay.org.  Like I said yesterday, I am a Pinterest addict, so yay!

But the really interesting thing about me stumbling upon this website today, the very first day of May, is that the purpose of StoryADay is to prompt writers to write one story a day for the entire month of May. So, if you are just now learning about this, there’s still time for you to register!

Now, I know, I should be registering myself. But I have a 15+ page paper due in a couple of weeks that I need to concentrate on writing for now. And I am just way too exhausted from trying to wrap up this semester to take on yet another challenge right at the moment.

In the meantime, I think I will continue with my idea to provide a writing prompt here on my blog once a week. If you’re looking for something to write about during your StoryADay challenge, please feel free to come by and look for inspiration. I would especially love to hear about your experiences, and maybe even read your stories if you’d like to share. Just post your stories to your own blog or website, and stop back by here to share a link to your story in my comments.

Are you going to register for StoryADay? Tell us about it in the comments below!

~Mandy Webster

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