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Corbin’s poems about Far North

Cover of "Far North"
Cover of Far North

Earlier this week, my 12-year-old came home from school with a booklet of poems he’d written for his English class. They’d read the book, Far North, by Will Hobbs, and had to write several poems about the book in a variety of forms.

I was more than just a little impressed with some of the poems my son had written, so I asked him if I could share one on my blog for Poetry Friday, which is sponsored this week by Random Noodling. This is the poem he chose for me to share:

Clint (a name poem)

Could you see that plane fly by
Like a bird
In the sky
Now the plane is going down
The bush pilot Clint was never found

~By Corbin DesJardins

And I wanted to share one more. This place poem was one of my favorites in Corbin’s collection:

Far North

Hear the roar of the bear
Feel the harsh wind in the air
Hear the birds chirp away
Cool soft words throughout the day
See the animals on the run
They are working not for fun
See the bear, hear the roar
But from the bird comes something more

~By Corbin DesJardins

What do you think? Please comment below. My son will be interested to hear if anyone likes his poem.

Mandy Webster

6 thoughts on “Corbin’s poems about Far North”

  1. Great job, Corbin. I can tell you enjoyed the book. I’m going to recommend it to my daughter who teaches 6th grade, I bet her students will like it, too.

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