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I need a new bike

Polar mountain bike.
No more mountain biking for me, I guess. | Polar mountain bike. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to ride my bike everywhere when I was younger. First it was a ten-speed racing bike (I had a crush on a senior who was into bicycle racing,) and then a mountain bike when mountain bikes were first popular. I was in great shape back then and could hop on my bike and ride to a destination 10 miles distant like it was nothing. Then I had kids.

Kids are a pain to bike-ride with until they’re old enough to ride their own bikes and keep up with the grown ups. But by the time that happens, the grown ups realize they can no longer keep up with the kids. I bought a new bike last year (or maybe the year before, I can’t remember,) so I could ride with my kids who are soon turning 6 and 13, and I hate it.

It’s a mountain bike like the one I used to ride so easily… but it’s so danged hard to ride! The seat is uncomfortable, and I feel like I’m constantly fighting the chain and the gears to get it moving. (Let’s not even mention all the extra weight I’m trying to move at this point.) Needless to say, the bike sits in my sun room, relaxing in the sunlight. As much as I love bike riding, I never do it. I just hate my bike too much!

I spent this past weekend visiting my family down in Southern Illinois. After the 7-hour drive, I was anxious to get out and move around. My mom had dragged out all the old bikes she had stacked up in the garage, cleaned them up, and had my brother help her work on them to make sure there were plenty to go around for all the kids since everyone was home for the holiday weekend. Of course, none of the bikes were quite right for me, so I snatched my mom’s old lady bike and went for a ride.

This is when I realized that I may have simply bought the wrong kind of bike. My mom has one of those beach cruisers (I think that’s what they call them) with the big handlebars, big cushy seat, and big rack sticking out the back end. I used to think I would never ride something like that… I guess it’s time to admit I’ve officially crossed into old-ladydom.


5 thoughts on “I need a new bike”

  1. Thanks for the mentions! You know, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable on a bike. I guess we all have to face it that our bike needs change over time. There are also different needs for really avid, hardcore, riders than more casual cruising. I’ve always ridden a lot, but have just been getting my wife to join. She’s having the same problem. There is a reason why the Electra Townie is so popular, comfort. I think we’ll have one of these in the garage soon.

    Stick with it, but get the right gear. You’ll love it again!

  2. Wow. You found my article quick. I just posted that yesterday! I agree with you (obviously). It is so much about the bike. And getting a good fit is equally important. One, actually, another thing I love about Team in Training is that the coaches and mentors are so helpful. The first ride they really looked me over on my bike and made adjustments as necessary. Another volunteered to go bike shopping with me to be sure I got the right fit.

    Stay tuned to my blog at cause the next one is going to be on what one of the team riders did to her mountain bike to make it more comfortable. A $6 part took away her pain!

    1. Thanks for the info, Kathy. I use Zemanta to help me find related blog posts when I am writing my own posts… If you go to your WordPress blog dashboard under “Users” and click on “Personal Settings,” you can enable this by clicking the box next to “Additional Post Content.” Once this is done, when you are writing a new blog post, you will get suggestions for content you might consider adding to your post. This usually shows up on the bottom left navigation of your blog post editor. I love it because it helps me link to the most recent and relevant related articles with little to no effort!

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