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Purple is for Independence

My purple bedroom, complete with Hannah Montana stickers
Here's my purple independence quilt, specially made for me by my mommy.

I never used to like purple. It was always way too girly for me.

When my older son was little, he insisted (much to his father’s chagrin) that his favorite color was purple. My son was about 3 years old when we bought our house. We asked him what color he wanted to paint his room, and he said, “Purple.” His dad threw a fit.

We asked this question again and again, and always the answer remained the same. We eventually painted the poor kid’s bedroom Buzz Lightyear Blue. He was happy enough with the new color, but once in a while, he would confess to me that he really wished it was purple.

Although my son eventually outgrew his purple fetish, the color had begun to grow on me. The fact that my brave little boy could stand up to his dad and keep asking for purple knowing that it would only get him in trouble was a symbol of hope for me. My son had a voice of his own, and he was not afraid to use it.

My ex liked to control everything and could never be satisfied with letting me decorate the house like many men would. I had to get his approval on everything. Unfortunately, we could never agree on anything, so what we ended up with was a house full of “compromises” that neither of us could stand.

When we split, I decided my new place would be as girly as possible. In fact, I decided that any person I allowed to step foot in my house would have no doubt that it belonged to me.

My mom made me a beautiful purple quilt for my new bed. I bought purple bath towels, purple sheets, purple curtains, and even purple Hannah Montana wall decals (don’t worry, I didn’t go so far as put Hannah Montana on my walls, just her purple butterflies and guitars.) My goal was to make my bedroom look as though a drunken unicorn had flown through the window and vomited purple all over everything.

Purple is my favorite color now. I buy everything in purple. Purple is the color of Independence to me. I may one day outgrow this phase and make my bedroom look like a grownup sleeps there. But I’m not in any hurry.

Is there a color that holds special meaning for you? Please share your stories in the comments below.

~Mandy Webster


4 thoughts on “Purple is for Independence”

  1. Thanks for the link-back! I am so glad that you are able to find strength in the color purple and in life! I loved the line: “My goal was to make my bedroom look as though a drunken unicorn had flown through the window and vomited purple all over everything.” Still laughing from that one. You are all set for March 26th, Purple Day! Hopefully on that day, lots of people will wear purple and the color can also lend strength to those with Epilepsy and seizure disorders!

  2. I love purple too! but I’ve no idea why. i’ve got a purple and blue quilt top in my “waiting to be quilted” pile. I might use metallic silver thread on it. Drunken unicorn indeed ……. 😉

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