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Too busy to blog

Endless grading of term papers
Endless grading of term papers (Photo credit: joguldi)

It happens to the best of us. We want to write more often, but life somehow gets in the way. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got so many different projects in the works, I can’t seem to focus on any of them. And, I’m spending so much time worrying about getting my final project and paper written for one course, and my mid-term paper written for another, I have very little time left to write something I actually want to write.

Yes, here I am, complaining once again. *sigh*

I seriously need to stop making excuses. My Communication Technology students will be starting their own blogs in class today, and I need to set a better example. How can I expect them to post to their blogs at least once a week if I can’t get around to mine? (By the way, if they give me permission, I will be sharing links to their blogs here so you can see what my students are up to.)

One of my plans for today, when I have a few minutes between classes, is to sit down and brainstorm blog post ideas. I’d like to begin to include some of my teaching work so you can see what it’s like to be a teaching writer. For example, I’m planning to write essays this semester along with my Written Communication students so I can give them some well-written examples to look at. Maybe I’ll even share a couple of my essays here on my blog.

So tell me about your blogging experience. Do you have trouble coming up with things to write about? If so, how do you combat blogger’s block? Post your comments below.


Beautiful Bookmarks by Kate Aspen

1 thought on “Too busy to blog”

  1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for linking to my blog. I have found that good readers make good writers. Sometimes we believe that we don’t have an opinion about what we read, but we always do that, don’t we? Every morning I have numerous internet bookmarks and sources from which I choose my morning reading. I also have books of my own that offer short stories, prose, and I dip in and out of those every day. It almost always jogs my memory or sparks a though that I write down. We often think that we have to write quite a lot, when actually, a paragraph usually sparks another, etc. Or not. It’s ok to write small amounts and I’ve trained myself to do this using a social media like Twitter or Tumblr, which is perfect for short bursts. is also a good source for prompts. Good luck with getting your students interested in blogging. Again, read, read, and read some more from a variety of sources!

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