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Crafting for Christmas

Pink and Purple Hot Pads
Hot Pads: $12.50 + S&H per set of 2

I’m a crafty writer. In fact, I probably spend a bit too much time making stuff when I should be writing. But, crafting gives me a good excuse to sit in front of the TV once in a while. Anyway, I’ve been working on a lot of crafts for Christmas lately. I like to have a good stock of little things put aside each year, and I pretty much used up my stash this past holiday season

One of the things I’m planning for this year is to make up a bunch of these flowered hot pads (pictured above.) I made these with yarn left over from some other projects, but I’m also planning to make some more Christmasy ones using red, green, and white yarn.

I’m also working on Christmas stocking ornaments and scarves. I mostly make these to have on hand for gifts throughout the year, but might also be talked into selling them for the right price. In fact, I could possibly take special orders (in your choice of colors) if you have time to wait for me to make the product for you. Or if you know how to crochet, feel free to copy my patterns and ideas. Whatever works for you.

Christmas stocking ornaments
Christmas stocking ornaments: $5 each + S&H
Pink and purple scarves
Pink and purple scarves: $10 each + S&H
Camo blanket
Camo blanket I made for my son: I'd be willing to make this for around $60 + S&H, but you'd have to give me at least a month or two to finish it.

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