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Stay away from Pinterest

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The other day, I stumbled upon Pinterest. It is awesome. Seriously. Avoid it at all cost.

I mean it. If you are a busy person who does not have time in your life to spare, you need to stay away from Pinterest. It is a huge time-sucker, maybe even worse than Facebook. I can’t get anything done anymore!

Like I could ever get anything done before.

“What is Pinterest?” you might ask. Good question. It’s basically an online pin board where you can post pictures of cool things you find around the internet. For example, say you find a blog post with a craft idea you’d like to save for later. Instead of sticking it in your bookmarks with the rest of the unorganized crap you’ll probably never look at again, you click the little “Pin It” button in your toolbar (you’ll add it when you sign up,) and categorize the image in one of your online pin boards. In this case, I’d pin an image of the craft project to my bulletin board labeled, “Stuff I’d Like to TRY to Make.

So now when I’m in the mood to craft something new, instead of wading through a bunch of useless, non-descriptive URLs and website names in my bookmarks, I can go to that pin board and look at pictures of the craft ideas I’ve saved and go from there. It’s pretty cool.

What makes Pinterest a huge time-sucker is the fact that you can follow other people on the website and see what they are pinning and then repin what they pin. So, you end up spending a ton of time looking through the blog posts, etc. that others are sharing. You sit down to browse for a few minutes, and then next thing you know, an hour has passed. No kidding.

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