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Poetry Friday: Tackling teenage pregnancy

MAHS Poetry Out Loud competition 5
Image by Nic's events via Flickr

For today’s Poetry Friday, sponsored this week by Wild Rose Reader, comes from real-life. I remember how “everyone” in my 8th grade class talked about the girl who had a baby over the summer, and I also remember wondering if I was the only person who didn’t judge her. I only wish I’d had the guts to speak up for her.

I Don’t

Kimmy had a baby
over summer break,
and now all the girls
and the boys call her

She bows her head
and pretends not to hear
as she enters
history class.

I bow my head too,
try to finish my homework
before the bell.
But I can’t think
about tea parties and red coats.

Angry words stick
in my throat.
I want to speak out.

I want to say,
“An 8th grade
is not a whore.
She’s a

But the bell rings,
and I don’t.

~By Amanda L. Webster

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