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I think I might be a blogger finally

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Blogging. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard. But, I tried and tried to start blogs in the past, and they never seemed to go anywhere. Take for instance the blog I started for my now-defunct online bookstore (I still take special orders if you’re looking for anything in particular.)

The blog is still there, I could always pick it up again. My plan for that blog was to post book reviews of all the books I was reading, use those as my blog posts, and tie it in with books for sale on my website. Unfortunatly, I needed to work at a job that was actually paying and just didn’t have the time it takes to keep an online business up and running. That blog quickly fell by the wayside, along with my poor bookstore. In fact, I have an ever-growing stack of books next to my desk just waiting for me to review. And that’s nothing on the stack of books I’ve had to return to the library in the meantime.

**In case you already write book reviews and are looking for a place to share them, I’d love to have guest bloggers on my Book Lover’s Blog. Contact me here if interested.

Even this blog didn’t start out as a writing blog. I thought I was going to start a travel blog and chronicle my travels both near and far. (Mostly near.) But I just couldn’t keep up with it. I just couldn’t find the extra time in the day to do the research and write about a topic that wasn’t a part of my everyday life.

But here we are today, and I feel as though I have finally found my niche. I’m finally writing about writing, which has been my true passion all along. Possibly even before I ever knew how to write with a crayon to paper.

I’ve found the trick to keeping up with a blog is to choose a blog theme that you’re really passionate about. So, whatever it is you’re already writing about every day in your FB posts, tweets, etc… just expand on them and turn them into blog posts. How many times have you tried to tweet something you were really passionate about and had to spend 5 minutes trimming your tweet to make it fit? Well, just take that original tweet and turn it into a blog post.

Write about what you’re already writing about instead of trying to come up with something new and fantastic. Chances are, what you’re already writing about is new enough and fantastic enough as it is.

Keep writing,


7 thoughts on “I think I might be a blogger finally”

  1. So pleased I stumbled upon your post…I am cautiously finding my feet in this new world – I have never blogged before. I just wanted to find a place where I could write, anything really, because, like you, I like it. Again, like you, I didn’t want to make work for myself by trying to find things to write about. Writing about finding my way back into writing, though…we’ll see!

  2. I actually have several blogs….the travel blog is a daily task but easy for me….yes, passion is needed to do it daily. Some days I have to keep from posting more than one! So I write it and is stays a draft for the time I have a busy day and need to get one off to the universe quickly. My first blog started out of observations in my life…so it is the place I put more personal and random chattiness….I posted one about the different running shoes I saw at one of my son’s track meets for example! And recently I have been ghost writing a friend’s blog because she has great ideas but no confidence and also got hired to write two more about places nearby. JOY!!!

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