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Poetry Friday: Like Waves

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For today’s Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Dori Reads, I’m sharing an original poem, written by moi:

Like Waves

Like waves, we lap
upon the shore,
licking the
bare feet
of life.

Tides turn,
we retreat,
slide across the sand
and out to sea. Sometimes
we sink ourselves
into the

The moon
tugs at us, cajoling,
sometimes roaring,
or gently rolling,
she shimmers
us back

Our dreams,
desires, loose stones
within us, are pointy, sharp.
We roll them, smooth
them, turn them
into jewels,
shining in

we leave them
on the shore, but they
dry, turn dull,

times, we throw
ourselves against unmovable
cliffs. We tear them down.
Stone by stone,
we wear them

~By Amanda L. Webster

19 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Like Waves”

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