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Poetry Friday already?


Wow, is it Friday already? I somehow lost an entire week in the shuffle of tieing up lose semester ends. For today’s Poetry Friday, sponsored by children’s author, Robyn Hood Black, I am sharing an original poem written by myself:

Hoard Horde

Sneaky spider in the night
softly spinning in moonlight.
Resting, dangling in the day,
watching, waiting for your prey.

Fuzzy fruit fly in my ear
buzzing, wuzzing, all I hear.
Garbage overflowing fast
forgotten lunches, dinners past.

Flickering fleas on fat feline
make their home on her poor spine
hopping, popping, without fear,
nibbling kitty from ear to rear

Squishy maggots, eating rot
swirling ‘round in filthy pot.
With pinched nose, I make my way
past sickly stench where buggies play.

Cocky cockroach, clitter clack
sending shivers up my back.
Nasty neighbor’s filthy house –
I think I even saw a mouse!

~By Amanda L. Webster

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