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Writing to Right the World at Mount Mary College

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Last night was the second installment of the Fall 2011 Writers on Writing series at Mount Mary College. I so love these writer’s discussions. It is a privilege to hear published, award-winning authors read their work and have the opportunity to meet with them in person.  Not to mention the fact that there is always food (but someone forgot the lemon bars this time. *tear*)

Last night’s author panel, entitled, “Writers Writing to Right Their World,” included:

Christopher Mohar is such an inspiring speaker, I can not wait to find the piece he read and share it with my written communications students. Mohar read a piece that explored the moral intricacies of hunting and vegetarianism from a totally fresh and unexpected viewpoint, it simply blew my mind. I’ll be looking for that piece (he said it’s scheduled to publish sometime this month but doesn’t have a specific date yet) and will share it as soon as I can. I have at least 5 students who are writing essays on hunting this semester, and I think this would be a great resource for them to review.
If you are ever in the Mount Mary College area and can make it to one of these author’s panels, I would highly recommend it. I always leave with a ton of fresh ideas on my mind and end up running for a notebook to write my hand off!

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