Planes Trains and Automobiles, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Automotive Museum

Wisconsin Auto Museum, Hartford, WISaturday morning, I took my son out to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford, WI. This Wisconsin Automotive Museum is home to one of the largest collections of one of the only “true classic” cars made in the United States: The Kissel Kar.

Upon entering the museum, you’re immediately met by the sound of train whistles, as model trains zip by on one of the largest model train displays I have ever seen. The museum also boasts a 1913 locomotive.

Our favorite part of the exhibit though, was the array of classic cars, including the Kissel Kar, which was produced right in Hartford in the early 1900’s. An airplane, a couple of tractors, and even a homemade camper trailer (built from instructions found years ago in Popular Mechanics magazine,) round out the offerings.

To celebrate it’s 25th Anniversary, the Wisconsin Auto Museum will be hosting a WISCONSIN BUILT CAR & TRUCK SHOW June 18, 2011 – 10am to 3pm. The show on the grounds is free, plus the museum will be open and offer reduced rates! So, keep this information in mind if you’re planning your own trip through Hartford this summer.

classic cars

My son dreams of going "Back to the Future!"
My favorite car... except the color!

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