AZ, Tombstone

Our latest psuedo-plans…

Allen Street, Tombstone, Arizona
Image via Wikipedia

OK, so here’s what we’re thinking now… we’d still like to see the Grand Canyon, but now it may be a quick stop along the way to Tombstone. A friend of mine is from Arizona, and he highly recommends it.

I’m considering this off-road Jeep adventure, which includes “travel by Jeep through middle pass where Apaches and highway men would ambush trespassers. Then we will visit old west ghost towns, followed by a trip to Johnny Ringo’s grave, and the Rattle Snake Ranch. Then we return to Tombstone on the Old Stage Coach road.” And that’s just day one. Sounds like something my boys will love. It will be so cool to take them on a real adventure!

Anyway, I e-mailed Arizona Sunshine Tours yesterday for more info, and they tell me they have a shuttle that can get us from the Amtrak station in Benson, AZ and take us to Tombstone. He also made a few other recommendations. So it looks like our next step will be to get our train booked and figure out some logistics. Things are really coming together now.



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