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My first post… A trip to the Grand Canyon

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My new blog… I wanted it to be the “Write on the Road” blog, but someone else already has that name. 😦

Anyway, this is my blog for planning and taking trips and writing as I go. I’ve always loved to travel, but haven’t been able to for years. But now that I’m divorced, I have more money (even though my total household earnings is far less than it ever was while I was married, go figure!) and more freedom. So, I’ve decided to start showing my kids the world, or at least the small corner of the world I can afford to show them for now.

A few weeks ago, I asked my older son, Corbin, where he would like to go on vacation this summer. I’d just socked away a few dollars from my tax return so we could take a trip and wanted to let Corbin have some input on our first ever “real” vacation.

Corbin has moaned and groaned for years about the fact that he’s never gotten to go anywhere, poor kid. He threw out several ideas, but a visit to the Grand Canyon was the only one that stuck. So now, I’ve begun doing some research on how to get to the Grand Canyon and what to do when we get there.

I’m sure gas prices will be outrageous this summer, and I’m not completely sure my car could make it to the Grand Canyon and back anyway, so I think we’re going to take a train. I’m looking at Amtrak’s Southwest Chief route, which will take us from Chicago, almost right to the Grand Canyon. And, I’m considering either a roomette or bedroom (for one adult and two children)… I would assume the roomette is cheaper, but do I really want to share a shower with the rest of the train car? Not unless I absolutely have to. Although, I have not yet checked prices, so with my budget we may end up in the smaller room.

As for where we’ll sleep once we get there, I haven’t really done much research. But, I did find a listing on Trip Adviser for the El Tovar Hotel. I love that it’s perched practically right on the lip of the Grand Canyon, but it looks a little pricey, so I think I’ll keep looking.

I’m in the very earliest stages of planning my trip, so if you have any comments or useful suggestions for me, please post those below. And feel free to follow me on my trip planning and my trip. Well, follow my blog not me. If you try to follow me for real, that might get a bit weird!



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